This thoroughly revised and updated third edition of the innovative and widely acclaimed Theatre Histories: An Introduction offers a critical overview of global theatre and drama, spanning a broad wealth of world cultures and periods. Bringing together a group of scholars from a diverse range of backgrounds to add fresh perspectives on the history of global theatre, the book illustrates historiographical theories with case studies demonstrating various methods and interpretive approaches.

Subtly restructured sections place the chapters within new thematic contexts to offer a clear overview of each period, while a revised chapter structure offers accessibility for students and instructors
This companion website includes:

  • Links to websites where you can find out more about the topics in each chapter. Explore a wealth of up-to-date links to key resources, videos and websites, organized by chapter. Invaluable when preparing for class or researching an essay.
  • Bibliographies of further reading, including the titles of the numerous books and articles used in writing Theatre Histories, grouped by chapter.
  • Additional case studiescomplementing those found in the book.
  • An interactive glossary of key terms. 
  • Pronunciation guide of the foreign terms used in the book, with recordings by native and knowledgeable speakers.
  • Instructor resources highlighting the major themes of each chapter and providing example questions for classroom discussion.
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