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Welcome to the companion website for Motivation and Learning Strategies for College Success: A Focus on Self-Regulated Learning, 4th Edition, by Myron H. Dembo and Helena Seli.

This popular text combines theory, research, and applications to teach college students how to become more self-regulated learners. It is designed to help students identify the components of academic learning that contribute to high achievement, to master and practice effective learning and study strategies, and then to complete self-regulation studies whereby they are taught a process for improving their academic behavior. A framework organized around six components related to academic success—motivation, methods of learning, time management, control of the physical and social environment, and monitoring performance—makes it easy for students to understand what they need to do to become more successful in the classroom.

What you will find on this Companion Website:

For students

  • Additional Activities for each chapter, including online-focused exercises
  • Flashcards for each chapter
  • Glossary

For instructors

  • Instructor’s Manual, including special projects, chapter suggestions, suggested websites, transparency masters and a testbank
  • PowerPoint slides

Further resources for students and instructors

  • Online sources for how to use proper APA style
  • Web 2.0 tools
  • Annotated references