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Chapter 14 - The Persian Gulf War: Operation Desert Storm, 1991



Discussion Questions

  1. Did air power achieve its goals? What problems did the Air Force face? Was it able to overcome these problems?
  2. How long did the war last? Was there an end to hostilities?
  3. Explain the outcome of the war. What is the Army's thesis? What is the Air Force's thesis? Which service was decisive? What does this debate between the Army and the Air Force tell us about the status of joint operations and inter-service rivalry?
  4. What role did the Navy and Marine Corps play in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm? Were they left sitting on the sideline?
  5. Evaluate the performance of the Armed Forces of the United States in Iraq. Compare and contrast it with the performance in Vietnam. What were the major differences?
  6. How did the media portray the war? How did the military accommodate the media?
  7. What advantages did the American forces have over the Iraqi military? Did the Iraqis have any advantages?
  8. When the coalition war ended, who did Saddam Hussein attack? Should the U.S. have stopped this attack?
  9. How did the war end? Did the United States and coalition forces achieve their political objectives? What were the results of the war?
  10. Was the war stopped too soon? Should American forces have taken Baghdad and removed Saddam Hussein? Why did George H. W. Bush decide against taking Baghdad?


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