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Chapter 1 - The Pre-History of Christian Thought

Chapter 2 - Jesus of Nazareth

Chapter 3 - The Apostle Paul:  His Thought and Context

Chapter 4 - The Break from Judaism

Chapter 5 - Persecution of Christians

Chapter 6 - Spirituality and Asceticism: The Desert Fathers and Mothers

Chapter 7 - The Christian Apologists: Interacting with Gnostics and Other “Heretics”

Chapter 8 - The Early Church Councils: Christological Controversy and Definition

Chapter 9 - Trinitarian Debate

Chapter 10 - Formation of the New Testament Canon

Chapter 11 - Augustine: Philosopher, Theologian, and Church Father

Chapter 12 - Monasticism of the Early Middle Ages

Chapter 13 - Eastern Christianity Splits from the West

Chapter 14 - Anselm, Abelard, and Bernard

Chapter 15 - Islam and Judaism in the Middle Ages

Chapter 16 - Women and Theology in the Middle Ages

Chapter 17 - Thomas Aquinas

Chapter 18 - Preparation for Reform

Chapter 19 - Martin Luther

Chapter 20 - The Reformed Tradition

Chapter 21 - Protesting against the Protestants: Anabaptism and the Radical Reformation

Chapter 22 - Reformation Continues: the English and the Catholics

Chapter 23 - The Challenge of Modernism

Chapter 24 - Pietism and Revivalism

Chapter 25 - Romanticism's Response to Enlightenment Theology

Chapter 26 - Neo-orthodoxy: Karl Barth and others

Chapter 27 - Major Theological Traditions and Developments in the Twentieth Century

Chapter 28 - Conclusion: Recent and emerging themes