This companion website supplements the textbook, The Essentials of Sports Reporting and Writing, 2nd Edition, by Scott Reinardy and Wayne Wanta. On this site you will find resources to support and expand on the book’s content.
The resources available on this site include:
Student Resources

  • Ethical cases for study
  • Example police crash reports
  • Extensive glossary covering terms from a wide variety of sports
  • Reference list for further study

Instructor Resources

  • Sample syllabus – a baseline for using the text in the course
  • Chapter Resources
    • PowerPoint slides to support lectures, covering key points
    • Assignments for use in class and as homework
    • Quizzes and answer keys
  • Primary assignments for developing sports reporting skills

A username and password are required to access the instructor information. Instructors may request access on the Instructor tab of the website.