This is the companion website for Economics of Immigration. The supplementary materials provided here will aid lecturers and students in using Cynthia Bansak, Nicole Simpson and Madeline Zavodry’s textbook as their main teaching tool.

Resources on this website

  • Tables and figures to download
  • Chapter questions as they appear in the book, with solutions
  • In-class exercises and discussions
  • Immigration data and sources
  • Author’s blog created and maintained by the authors

About the book

Economics of Immigration provides students with the tools needed to examine the economic impact of immigration and immigration policies over the past century. Students will develop an understanding of why and how people migrate across borders and will learn how to analyze the economic causes and effects of immigration. The main objectives of the book are for students to understand the decision to migrate; to understand the impact of immigration on markets and government budgets; and to understand the consequences of immigration policies in a global context.