Music: A Social Experience, Second Edition offers a thematic approach for the music appreciation course. Through a series of topics—from Music and Spirituality, to Music and War and Music and Gender—the authors present active listening experiences for students to experience music's social and cultural impact. The book offers an introduction to the standard concert repertoire, but also gives equal treatment to world music, rock and popular music, and jazz, for a thorough introduction to today's rich musical world. Through lively narratives and innovative activities, students can form an understanding of the power of music.

  • Listening Guide Repertoire featuring Spotify links and streaming audio tracks for each Listening Guide found in the book. You will need a Spotify account, www.spotify.com, which offers a free subscription, or a “premium” subscription for $9.99, without ads and more features.
  • Supplementary content in the CW Links sections, broken out by chapter and cued to inline callouts in the textbook
  • Further exploration of the music elements discussed in Chapter 2
  • Interactive, self-correcting quizzes
  • Tips on writing about music
  • Tips on how to study
  • PowerPoint slides for every chapter
  • test bank of multiple-choice and true/false questions, as well as open-ended essay prompts
  • The complete Listening Guide Repertoire for easy reference. You may also view the repertore by-chapter under the STUDENT site.
  • PDF download of the complete Chapter 2 expansion (for corresponding audio, see Chapter 2 on the Students side)
  • Instructor’s Manual