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Phonemic Awareness

LESSON: Mr. Backward

LESSON: Tongue Twisters

Sound Boxes - .pdf .jpg


Predictable rhyming text template  -  .pdf  .jpg

LESSON:   Magical E! cards

Flip book  -  .pdf   .jpg

Word Recognition & Vocabulary

LESSON:  Double meaning sentences

LESSON:  Schoolyard Safari template

LESSON:  Sample Analogies

Sample word-web  -  .pdf  .jpg

Organizer of Greek gods, semi-gods, monsters, and heroes  -  .pdf  .jpg

Language concepts and examples  -  .pdf  .jpg

Semantic gradient word chart  -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample vocabulary bookmark  -  .pdf  .jpg

Possible sentences based on new vocabulary  -  .pdf  .jpg


LESSON:   Classic literature quotes

"Sad" story face  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer and retelling of Patricia Polacco's The Butterfly (2000)  -  .pdf  .jpg

Text mapping example  -  .pdf  .jpg

Multiple perspective diary entries  -  .pdf  .jpg1  .jpg2

Story web  -  .pdf  .jpg

Story map  -  .pdf  .jpg

Student journal using Question Connect Transform  -  .pdf  .jpg

Character perspective chart  -  .pdf  .jpg

Venn diagram  -  .pdf  .jpg

Key words associated with text structures  -  .pdf  .jpg

Chart for comparing multiple sources for a topic  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Timeline  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Sequence for life cycle  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Description or Enumeration  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Classification  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Comparison/contrast  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Cause/effect  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Problem/solution  -  .pdf  .jpg

Graphic organizer: Persuasion  -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample K-T-W-L-E chart  -  .pdf  .jpg

Think-aloud  -  .pdf  .jpg

Learning log entry and analysis  -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample science log (second grade)  -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample response to Question Connect Transform  -  .pdf  .jpg


LESSON:  Sample opinion piece (second grade)

LESSON:  Graphic organizer for an argument

Partial checklist used for students' evaluation of their presentation of an argument   -  .pdf  .jpg

Checklist for proofreading (second grade)   -  .pdf  .jpg

Thank you notes written (first grade)   -  .pdf  .jpg1  .jpg2  .jpg3

Excerpt from "Through a Dragon's Eyes by Garath Half-Elven"   -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample expository text frame for sequence   -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample expository text frame for comparison/contrast   -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample expository text frame for enumeration   -  .pdf  .jpg

Acrostic poems   -  .pdf  .jpg

Biopoems   -  .pdf  .jpg

Cinquain poems   -  .pdf  .jpg

Diamante poems   -  .pdf  .jpg

Fibbin poems   -  .pdf  .jpg

Sample friendly letter (Response to the Three Little Pigs' invitation)   -  .pdf  .jpg

Storyboard example   -  .pdf  .jpg

Storyboard template   -  .pdf  .jpg

Example argumentative essay   -  .pdf  .jpg

POW model   -  .pdf  .jpg

TREE model   -  .pdf  .jpg


Sample poem with marked phrases   -  .pdf  .jpg

Readers theatre script   -  .pdf  .jpg

Example poem for choral reading  -  .pdf  .jpg