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These links to relevant websites are provided to offer students further advice and information on the topics covered by Academic Writing, A Handbook for International Students. The views and comments found on these websites do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the author.

1.1      Basics of Writing

1.2      Reading: Finding Suitable Sources

1.3      Reading: Developing Critical Approaches

1.4      Avoiding Plagiarism

1.5      From Understanding Essay Titles to Planning

1.6      Finding Key Points and Note-making

1.7      Summarising and Paraphrasing

1.8      References and Quotations

1.9      Combining Sources

1.10    Organising Paragraphs

1.11    Introductions and Conclusions

1.12    Rewriting and Proofreading

2.1 Argument and Discussion

2.2 Cause and Effect

2.3 Comparisons

2.4 Definitions

2.5 Examples

2.6 Generalisations

2.7 Problems and Solutions

2.8 Visual Information

3.1 Cohesion

3.2 Definite Articles

3.3 Numbers

3.4 Passive and Active

3.5 Punctuation

3.6 Singular or Plural?

3.7 Style

3.8 Time Markers

4.1 Approaches to Vocabulary

4.2 Abbreviations

4.3 Academic Vocabulary: Nouns and Adjectives

4.4 Academic Vocabulary: Verbs and Adverbs

4.5 Conjunctions

4.6 Prefixes and Suffixes

4.7 Prepositions

4.8 Synonyms -language-learners/documents/AbridgedAcademicWordList.pdf