How to Use ‘How to Write Qualitative Research’


Welcome to the companion website for How to Write Qualitative Research. Here you will find the online resources that have been designed to accompany the textbook in the form of writing tips videos, motivational posters and links to further resources for students, along with an instructor guide, PowerPoint slides by chapter and links to further resources for instructors.

About the book

Qualitative research has exploded in popularity in nearly every discipline from the social sciences to health fields to business. While many qualitative textbooks explain how to conduct an interview or analyze fieldnotes, rarely do they give more than a few scant pages to the skill many find most difficult: writing.

That’s where How to Write Qualitative Research comes in. Using clear prose, helpful examples, and lists, it breaks down and explains the most common writing tasks in qualitative research, and each chapter suggests step-by-step how-to approaches writers can use to tackle those tasks.

Topics include:

  • Writing about and with qualitative data
  • Composing findings
  • Organizing chapters and sections
  • Using grammar for powerful writing
  • Revising for clarity
  • Writing conclusions, methods sections, and theory
  • Creating and writing about visuals
  • Writing different types of qualitative research and different document types.

Each chapter features real-world examples from both professionals and students, hands-on practice activities, and template sentences that show qualitative writers how to get started.

This text provides the perfect companion for writers of almost any skill level, from undergraduates to professionals. Whether you are writing a course paper, a dissertation, or your next book, How to Write Qualitative Research will help you write clearer, more effective qualitative research.