Companion website for
Global Medieval Contexts 500 – 1500: Connections and Comparisons

Perfect for use in the classroom or as an aid to independent study, this website includes:

  • Videos with the authors Kimberly Klimek, Pamela L. Troyer, Sarah Davis-Secord, and Bryan C. Keene as an introduction to the book
  • Three timelines which highlight key events, people, and locations in global medieval history
  • Introductions, research questions, and further reading for each chapter
  • An image gallery containing pictures of art, manuscripts, objects, people, and places
  • A gallery of maps to explore the geography of the medieval world
  • Weblinks to exciting online resources

Introductory Videos

Instructor Preface

Why This Book?

We designed this book to support lower-division or general studies courses for the history and culture of the period 500–1500. This book is not a world civilizations textbook; instead, it is a history from a global perspective, showing connections and comparisons among peoples across political boundaries and geography, across religions and languages, and at the intersections of various economic systems....


Student Preface

How Did a Buddha Get to a Swedish Island?

The tiny Indian Buddha featured on the cover of this book was found in 1954 in a hoard of treasures, mostly gold coins and jewelry, buried during the medi- eval period on Helgö Island in Sweden. For the authors, it represents the goal of this book: to show the amazing connections across geography and time during a distant past when those connections might seem impossible...