You have arrived at the website that serves as the online companion to Teaching Science to Every Child: Using Culture as a Starting Point, Third Edition, co-authored by John Settlage, Sherry A. Southerland, Lara K. Smetana, and Pamela S. Lottero-Perdue. This book provides future elementary and middle school teachers with the conceptual tools to provide quality science learning opportunities to their students. Many children who express great enthusiasm about science are often discouraged to continue pursuing this powerful subject. This book supplies teaching practices that can reverse this pattern. Operating with the belief that each and every child can learn science, we encourage teachers to think about science as having unique cultural features. Rather than unloading concepts and vocabulary onto children, we recommend that teachers position themselves as cultural ambassadors to make science less foreign and intimidating. The information and resources on this website aim to extend the ideas presented in the book.

  • Online Resources: Links to websites that expand on ideas and materials mentioned in the text.
  • Slideshows: PowerPoint files for instructors to use during class meetings.
  • Supplements: Additional documents for use during a science teaching methods course.
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