With an example-driven, hands-on approach, New Channels of Music Distribution offers a practical, comprehensive study of the music industry's evolving distribution system. While paying careful attention to the variables that impact success, C. Michael Brae examines the functionality and components of music distribution, as well as the music industry as a whole.

This book is a one-stop guide and resource for all musicians, performers, songwriters, and label owners in understanding all the elements and efficiency of music distribution. Through its hands-on exploration of the music business, this book provides insightful strategies for executing marketing, radio, retail campaigns, and much more.

Here you will find:

  • Specific DIY methods and strategies for distributing music throughout every platform possible
  • Case studies and discussions highlighting wholesale and retail markups, pricing strategies, major chains, rack jobbers, one-stops, mom and pop stores, and other retail outlets
  • Tips on how to incorporate retail distribution networks supporting Soundscan and employ marketing techniques using cutting-edge web technology
  • Distribution methods and promotion tactics to help you increase an effective "sell-through" on your music

Author Bio
C. Michael Brae is founder, CEO and chairman of Hitman Records, Inc. He has taught business courses at University of California Los Angeles, San Francisco State University, University of the Pacific, Dominican University of California, and LA Film School. He has also conducted music business seminars at SAE.