Welcome to the companion website for the fifth edition of the best-selling Digital Marketing Excellence by Dave Chaffey and PR Smith.

Here you will find all you need to accompany the book and to develop your knowledge and understanding of this exciting and popular subject area.

  • PR Smith has also exclusively filmed his own videos, providing his insights specifically for this website.
  • There is a wealth of videos, both mentioned in the text and extras to further convey good emarketing practices and examples.
  • All the tables and figures from the book are available in PowerPoint slides, and further examples are available in the image gallery.
  • The questbank for lecturers and flashcards for students allow for testing on the subject.
  • The links to blogs and website will add further examples and inspiration of good emarketing at work.

Chaffey and Smith are digital marketing gurus and with their background and passion for the subject means that these extra resources will ensure success in this flourishing, evolving and influential subject area.

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