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July 2017

Title Description

In this visionary book, written by six internationally recognized Global Teacher Prize finalists, the authors create a positive and hope-filled template for the future of education. They address the hard moral, ethical and pedagogical questions facing education today so that progress can serve society, rather than destroying it from within our classrooms.

This blueprint for education finally brings forward what has always been missing in education reform: a strong collective narrative with authentic examples from teachers on the front line. It is a holistic, personalized approach to education that harnesses the disruptions of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to better shape the future for the next generation, and ensure that every child can benefit from the ongoing transformations.

A great read for anyone who has an interest in educating our youth for these uncertain times, highlighting why teachers will always matter.

Book Information Complimentary Exam Copy

Book Cover


“The Global Teacher Prize is a one million dollar prize that is awarded to one exceptional teacher who has made an outstanding contribution to the profession. It was set up to shine a spotlight on the profession in order to celebrate the important role teachers play in society. By unearthing thousands of stories of heroes that have transformed young people’s lives, the prize brings to life the exceptional work of millions of teachers all over the world. In this book, some of our leading finalists give us their unique insights into how we can teach the next generation to flourish in a world that will be revolutionized by artificial intelligence, automation and new communication technologies.

If we are to recognize the contribution of the world's teachers, we must seize every possible opportunity to give them a voice. Teachers point and guide the way, opening young people’s hearts and minds, whilst preparing them for the opportunities and threats that the future will bring. Through spreading teachers’ very different stories about how they light the spark of curiosity, we can help give the gift of a good education to every child.”

Sunny Varkey,Founder of the Varkey Foundation and The Global Teacher Prize, UAE.

“New forces are at work in the world: accelerating globalization, technological revolutions, increasing inequalities and global warming. All call for new models of living together as responsible global citizens. This starts with education that makes a difference in the life of every child and youth, whatever their circumstances may be, and empowers them with the confidence, knowledge, ethics and empathy to contribute to their communities and societies. This is the promise of Sustainable Development Goal 4 that aims to 'ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.' This book brings together six wonderful teachers who share one same passion: to make education a truly transformative experience that harnesses technology to connect, but most importantly, empowers teachers and learners through a relationship founded on respect, collaboration and creativity and the conviction that to every learning difficulty, there is a solution. This is a must read for educators, practitioners, decision-makers, parents and anyone concerned with the future of education today."

Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO (2009-2017)

The Authors

Armand Doucet

Armand Doucet is a visionary, award-winning educator, social entrepreneur and business professional. A sought-after leader, inspirational speaker and author, he has led and collaborated with teams from around the world and across different industries to success in health, education, non-profit organizations and business. A two-time Ironman athlete, he teaches at Riverview High School.

Jelmer Evers

Jelmer is a history teacher in the Netherlands and is involved in national and international policy. He has received several awards and was nominated twice for the Global Teacher Prize in 2015 and 2016. In 2013, he edited an influential book called Het Alternatief (The Alternative) In 2015, a new international book called Flip the System: Changing education from the ground up was published worldwide. Several national spin-offs have been published or are in the works. He is co-founder of TEN Global: a new global teacher network with Education International.

Elisa Guerra Cruz

Mom-turned-teacher Elisa Guerra Cruz was named the Best Educator in Latin America by the Inter-American Development Bank IDB in 2015. She founded Colegio Valle de Filadelfia in her native Mexico, which grew to nine campuses in three countries. Elisa has authored 25 textbooks for preschool and elementary school students and teachers. In 2017, Al Jazeera featured Elisa in the documentary Mexico: The Power of Early Education for the series Rebel Education. She was a Global Teacher Prize finalist in 2015 and 2016. 

Dr. Nadia Lopez

Founding Principal of Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Dr. Nadia Lopez is pioneering a leadership path showing under-privileged communities creating positive institutions that have global impact. Due to her work in education, Nadia delivered a TED Talk, has appeared on the Ellen Show, visited President Obama, received the Medal of Distinction from Barnard College, and raised $1.4 million for college trips and scholarships. Nadia is also the author of The Bridge To Brilliance, an inspirational account of the creation of a groundbreaking inner-city middle school in Brooklyn, New York.

Michael Soskil

Michael Soskil inspires young scientists to use their curiosity and learning to make the world a better place as an elementary teacher in his rural Pennsylvania community. He is a recipient of the 2012 Presidential Award for Excellence in Math and Science Teaching (PAEMST), the 2017–2018 Pennsylvania Teacher of the Year, and was named a Global Teacher Prize finalist and one of the top ten teachers in the world in 2016. As a keynote speaker he has shared his message of teaching with empathy and student empowerment with students, teachers, policy makers, and businesspeople around the globe.

Koen Timmers

Koen Timmers

Koen Timmers is a Belgian lecturer and researcher at PXL University College. He’s a Global Teacher Prize 2017 Top 50 finalist. He’s passionate about e-learning and launched the Kakuma project in which 100 global educators offer free education to African refugees via Skype. He also launched several global educational projects involving 250 schools over 70 countries – in which students focus on Sustainable Development Goals. He founded Zelfstudie.be, an online school which currently has 20,000 students.


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