Welcome to the companion website for History of English: A Resource Book for Students.  Here you will find a number of additional resources to support your studies in this area, including exam questions, exercises and links to further reading.

Structured to reflect the chronological development of the English language, History of English explains the major changes to the language over a span of more than fifteen hundred years. Covering such key concepts as the origins of English, the change from Old to Middle English and the influence of other languages on English, the book also considers international varieties of English and how contemporary events are continuing to influence the development of English as a global language.

The revised second edition of this textbook includes:

  • Increased coverage of key issues, such as the standardisation of English;
  • A wider range of activities, plus answers to exercises;
  • New readings from well-known authors such as Manfred Krug, Colette Moore, Merja Stenroos and David Crystal;
  • A timeline of important external events in the history of English.

Together with this companion website, History of English is an essential resource for all undergraduate students of English Language and Linguistics.


Dan McIntyre is Professor of English Language and Linguistics at the University of Huddersfield, UK. His major publications include Corpus Stylistics (Edinburgh University Press 2019), Applying Linguistics (Routledge 2018), Stylistics (Cambridge University Press 2010) and Language and Style (Palgrave 2010). He is also co-editor of Babel: The Language Magazine (www.babelzine.co.uk). Follow him on Twitter @danguage.

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