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Thanks for dropping in on this companion website! It is organized by chapter and has additional links, photos, and videos related to each chapter. My hope is that this website provides additional resources, information, and supporting material that gets you to think even more deeply about arts integration. I welcome your engagement and encourage you to be in touch with me with comments, questions, and suggestions.
Merryl Goldberg

Here are a few links that will be helpful throughout the book:
“Title I Arts” is a comprehensive website that includes continually updated research on arts as it relates to meeting the goals of Title I. The goals of Title I are to improve student academic achievement, student engagement, school climate, and parental involvement. The arts, of course, are a natural to achieve all of these. This website effectively outlines and links to vetted research in all these areas for elementary, middle and high school settings. It also includes several videos (including some with me!).

Arts Education Partnership has a wealth of information concerning arts education along with a comprehensive compendium of continually updated and vetted arts education research.

Americans for the Arts is a national arts advocacy organization with a lot of resources including arts education.

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