Welcome to the companion website for Contemporary Economics: An Applications Approach, Eighth Edition.

The 8th Edition of Contemporary Economics continues to offer a clear, concise presentation of basic micro- and macroeconomic theory. Emphasising how the discipline of economics connects to the world, the book takes a friendly and accessible tone, illustrating theory with applications.

This new edition comes with updated applications and data to reflect the changing world events since the previous edition was published. With an abundance of updated applications, the handbook uses real world, globally relevant examples that make the subject easy to understand. New and updated topics include:

  • Energy and oil
  • Economic sanctions on Russia and Iran
  • The Eurozone Crisis
  • The Trans-Pacific Partnership
  • China and the world currency market

For Students

A downloadable selection of Multiple Choice quizzes for every chapter, as well as a downloadable study guide packed with useful summaries and question points.

For Instructors

A downloadable Instructors Manual offering advice and focus points derived from the Chapters, as well as PowerPoint slides containing all the figures from the Chapters. In addition to this, there is a handy Test Bank, packed full of questions to use in class for discussions or impromptu chapter revisions.

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