Welcome to the companion website for Sport Analytics: A data-driven approach to sport business and management, the first textbook to explain how the big data revolution is transforming the sport industry today. It is an essential text for all sport management students and an invaluable reference for any sport management professional involved in operational research.

This website provides an array of exclusive resources which can be used to support classes, lectures and student assessments.

Resources for instructors include:

  • PowerPoint presentations to accompany all 12 chapters of the book
  • An Instructor Guide containing useful material such as:
    • Sample syllabus
    • Syllabus case study assignments
    • Survey guide
    • Textbook case assignments
    • Additional reading material
    • Data quotes
    • Exam questions
  • Excel files full of additional data to support the Instructor Guide

Resources for students include:

  • A glossary of essential terms for understanding sport analytics¬†