Multimedia Journalism: A Practical Guide, Second edition remains a truly hybrid project, interlinking the textbook materials with essential resources on this companion website

The website is arranged in sections matching the parts, chapters and numbered chapter section in the book and accessible through the Menu sidebar for easy navigation. You can match the numbered sections in the book to the same numbered sections on the website.

Materials you’ll find on the website include:

  • Interactive quizzes, allowing to test your knowledge and the skills covered in the book
  • A broad range of embedded videos and audio guides, illustrating and informing the concepts explored in more depth
  • Annotated links to further web materials offering more expert guidance and training
  • More in-depth discussion of working with specific social media platforms including Twitter, Google+, Facebook and YouTube, and on key skills like making infographics and smart phone apps
  • Masterclasses, designed to cover new developments in multimedia journalism practice and to provide any essential updates to material covered in the book.