Chapter 2 - Creating a publishing platform

Chapter 2 Web version

In the book version of this chapter you will find detailed discussion of and how to use it as a website-building platform, including:

  • How to choose a URL
  • Finding your way around the WordPress dashboard
  • What a home or welcome page is and what it should contain
  • How to create a logical structure for a website
  • What WordPress themes are and how to choose one
  • How to make a website easy to navigate
  • How to make content easy to read
  • Adding pages and posts to your WordPress site
  • What WordPress widgets are and how to use them
  • How to integrate multimedia content
  • Measuring the success of a website
  • Beat blogging on WordPress, Tumblr and Blogger.

Here we will look at:

  • Detailed, step-by step guides to every aspect of building a website
  • Video tutorials
  • Links to further tuition and resources
  • Essential updates to the material contained in the book version.

Always have the book version of Multimedia Journalism to hand while you use this website – the off- and on-line versions are designed to work together.

2A1 Creating a website

The difference between and

There are two versions of WordPress – and There are important differences between the two. is the simple version that you can get to work on without any preliminaries. is more sophisticated, and involves downloading and unzipping WordPress to your computer, and having a hosting provider.

With your ability to change the look and feel of the site you create is limited.

With you can customise the look and feel of your site. And you can install a wide variety of themes, and add many WordPress plug-ins to extend its functionality.

Find a full explanation here:

And here:

Getting started with WordPress video

    2A2 How to choose a URL

    Read more about choosing a domain name here:

    Find out what names are available across the top 20 social media platforms here:

    2A3 Choosing a WordPress theme

    This WordPress video gives a great introduction:

      There is further guidance on theme-choosing here:

      And here:

      2A4 Adding content to your WordPress site

      Find further guidance on adding content to your WordPress site here:

      And in this video:

        Website hierarchy explained:

        The differences for the user in flat versus deep hierarchies:

        2A5 Working on the design and appearance of your website

        WordPress's guide to using and customising the 2014 theme:

        Many links to tuition in specific areas of website design and organisation:

        2A6 Some examples of website structure

        book icon In the book version of this module we discuss in detail the different approach to heads and sells on story index and individual story pages across a range of websites.

        Compare the structures used at these sites:>

        2A8 Choosing a publishing platform for your beat blog

        Blogging on Tumblr

        Find a beginner's guide to using Tumblr here:

        Video introduction here:

          There's an advanced (and very long) video tutorial here:

            Blogging on Blogger

            There is a beginner's guide here:


            There is a very comprehensive video guide here:


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