Welcome to the companion website for Dance Production: Design and Technology by Jeromy Hopgood. This text and website introduce you to the necessary skills for planning, designing, and executing the technical aspects of a dance production. This unique book approaches the process of staging a dance production from a balanced perspective making it an essential resource for dancers and designers alike.

Covering a broad range of topics, author Jeromy Hopgood takes the reader through the process of producing dance from start to finish – including pre-production planning (collaboration, production process, personnel, performance spaces), design disciplines (lighting, sound, scenery, costumes, projections), stage management, and more. Bridging the gap between theatrical and dance design, the book includes a quick reference guide for theatrical and dance terminology, useful in giving dancers and designers a common working vocabulary that will ensure productive communication across the different fields.

What you will find on this website:

This companion website is designed to be a useful tool for the reader, as well as a supplement for teachers using the text in a classroom setting.  It is broken down into six basic sections listed below:

  • Web chapters – featuring two complete additional chapters not included in the print version of the text. These two chapters focus on non-traditional performances and touring a dance production.
  • Video Content – This section of the website features links to a number of instructional videos created to supplement the text. These videos feature a wide range of content from understanding color medium in lighting, to online collaboration tools, or focusing a lighting instrument. Check back often to see new content created for the Dance Production channel.
  • Instructional Projects – These projects are all print-ready PDF files that supplement the content covered in the book. These are useful for the casual reader as well as classroom instructors, as each offer an interesting project to help illuminate core concepts.
  • Web Resources – This section provides a useful collection of dance and technical theatre-related links. The content is broken down into easy-to-use categories.
  • Author – Information about the author and ways to continue the conversation beyond the book, including social media, blogging, and YouTube. Ask the author a question directly or request a new video for the stream.
  • Contact – Send feedback directly to the publisher about this website or the text.
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