This is the companion website for The Economic Analysis of Public Policy (2nd edition). The supplementary materials provided here will aid lecturers and students in using William K. Bellinger's textbook as their main teaching tool.

Resources on this website:

  • PowerPoint slides for each chapter with extra information from the book
  • Review Questions and Answers for each chapter
  • Quizzes for each chapter with multiple choice questions and answers

About the book

The Economic Analysis of Public Policy is the ideal introduction to benefit-cost analysis, the economics of efficiency, risk analysis and present value, and is suitable for those with only a modest background in mathematics and economics. This second edition of the book has been rigorously updated throughout, in terms of examples and data references, issues covered, and layout and pedagogical features. The new edition contains extra material on loss aversion, global warming, technology, and US health care reform, as well as a wider range of international examples.