Problem-Based Learning

The Routledge Problem-Based Learning series is a way of learning that presents a practical problem scenario in the context of which learning is conducted. Normally, students are taught law through the transmission of information about legal principles and not presented with problems until they have accumulated enough information to solve them. In PBL, discussion and analysis of the problem starts the process of learning, rather than acting as an end point. As a curriculum concept, it is becoming increasingly common in law schools as the use of problem scenarios helps to trigger awareness of legal issues and to engage interest by highlighting the real-world ramifications.

Equity and Trusts: A Problem-Based Approach

Judith Riches

Unlike other textbooks, Equity and Trusts: A Problem-Based Approach integrates a thorough exposition of the law with practice, facilitating a more active learning approach and helping students to engage directly with the essential legal principles to develop key skills of analysis, problem-solving and application.

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