Corporate Communication

A Marketing Viewpoint

1st Edition

Student Resources

Video Links

Chapter 1: Corporate communication framework

The origins of the modern corporation:

The corporation:

Chapter 2: Corporate identity

Watch P&G Corporate History video:

Virgin founder Richard Branson talks about branding strategy:

Bosch Power Tools – Who We Are video:

Chapter 3: Corporate brand and branding

BBC documentary Three Secrets of the Superbrands

Documentary Branded

Chapter 5: Ethical branding and corporate social responsibility

Documentary Not Business as Usual

Chapter 6: Stakeholders management and communications

BBC documentary The Mondragon Experiment

Chapter 7: Storytelling and issue management in times of change and crises

Documentary The Dark Side of Chocolate

Chapter 8: Corporate communications

Historical educational documentary The Grapevine:

Social networks documentary:

Chapter 9: Corporate associations: identity traits and corporate image

Documentary The Mind Field

Chapter 10: Corporate associations: reputation and trust

Documentary Secrets of the Tobacco Industry

Chapter 11: Organizational identification

Documentary ‘Century of the Self’ (episode 1)

Chapter 12: Organizational commitment and social acceptability

Documentary about Patagonia: