Practice Test 2 - Mental

Mental Arithmetic Introduction

Please read these instructions carefully before you start the test.

For the actual test you will be provided with a white board which you can use to record any working out.  For this test use scrap paper or a notebook. Remember – you cannot use a calculator for this test.

The test is designed to help you practice answering questions and become familiar with the navigational features used in the actual test.

Please note in the actual test you will be given 18 seconds per question and then the question will move on automatically. In order to become familiar with the type of questions we advise taking 27 seconds per question on test one, 23 seconds per question on test 2 and 18 seconds per question on test 3.

Your results will be displayed throughout the test. Feedback at the end of the quiz will highlight if you have made an error. It also guides you to the section of the book Passing the QTS Skills Tests with Confidence which you can refer to, to become confident in all areas of mathematics.

Please include your answer as a number only. In the real test the unit of measurement will be provided for you.