Practice Test 2 - Written

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Practice Written Tests

Introductory screen for both tests

For the actual test you will be provided with a whiteboard which you can use to record any working out. For these practice tests use some scrap paper or a notebook. For the actual tests there will be an on screen calculator. For these practice tests you should use your own calculator.

These tests contain the written data and written arithmetic questions. The practice test is designed to help you practice answering questions and become familiar with the navigational features used in the test. They are similar, but not identical, in structure to questions in the actual test. The form in which you answer these tests is slightly different. Make sure you familiarise yourself with the navigational features used in the actual tests by using the practice tests on the DfE website.

All the questions require you to type in the answer although sometimes you are selecting from a series of answers that are given and sometimes you are asked to simply enter True or False.

There is no time limit on this test as it is designed to help you audit your own knowledge. Keep your eye on the time however. You should aim to spend about 2 minutes per question in the actual test.