Welcome to the companion website for the 1st edition of Introduction to the New Statistics, the only introductory statistics book to focus on data analysis using the new statistics. Using tools such as estimation, confidence intervals, and effect sizes, the new statistics helps students and researchers more intuitively understand and interpret the patterns in their data. On this website you will find a number of resources for both students and instructors to support teaching and learning of the new statistics and additional opportunities for mastering concepts covered in the text.

For Instructors:

  • Downloadable and editable slides with images from text and lecture notes
  • Editable additional homework assignments (with data sets and answer keys)
  • Editable additional assessment items (with data sets and answer keys)
  • IF-AT quizzes (with answer keys)
  • Reading guides
  • Suggestions for activities

For Students:

  • Free download of the Exploratory Software for Confidence Intervals (ESCI)
  • Videos which provide overviews of key concepts and demonstrate how to use ESCI
  • Flashcards
  • Data sets
  • Guides for using IBMs SPSS and R to run statistical procedures
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