Chapter 5 - South Asia

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Chapter 5 introduces the music and associated cultural activities from South Asia, including north and south India, as well as Pakistan. The opening site deals in depth with Hindustani Raga, a prominent classical style from the region, introducing readers to fundamental features of form, style, instrumentation, pedagogy, and cultural associations.  Carnatic vocal performance complements this examination of classical literature, followed by explorations of dance (Kathakali), devotional song (bhajan) typically performed by non-professionals, and popular film song from India.  Qawwali, also a type of devotional song related to Sufis, is studied in association with Pakistan, followed by a brief introduction to bhangra, a folk music that evolved into a global popular music genre.

Key Terms

  • Alap (also Alapana)
  • Anundrutam
  • Anupallavi
  • Aradhana
  • Bansri (also Bansuri)
  • Bauls
  • Baya
  • Bhajan
  • Bhangra
  • Bin
  • Bollywood
  • Bols
  • Caranam
  • Carnatic (also Karnatak)
  • Caste system
  • Chiz
  • Dhrupad
  • Dilruba
  • Drutam
  • Filmi (also Filmi Git)
  • Gat
  • Ghunur
  • Gopiyantra (also Ektara)
  • Gospel
  • Guru
  • Hanuman
  • Harmonium
  • Hindustani
  • Jaltarang
  • Jati
  • Jhala
  • Jor
  • Kartal
  • Kathakali
  • Khyal
  • Kriti
  • Laghu
  • Lata Mangeshkar
  • Mode
  • Mridangam
  • Nagasvaram
  • Pallavi
  • Qawwali (also Kawwali)
  • Raga
  • Rama
  • Rasa
  • Ravana
  • Ravi Shankar
  • Sarangi
  • Sarod
  • Sita
  • Sitar
  • Solfege
  • Sympathetic strings
  • Tabla
  • Tala
  • Tavil
  • Theka
  • Venu
  • Vina


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Ustad Ail Akbar Khan
Sathya Sai Baba Singing “Govinda Krishna Jay” Bhajan
Sowmya: On Carnatic Music
Kiranavali: Carnatic Vocal Recital
Sowmya: Carnatic Vocal Recital

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