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The editors of this Anthology and Sourcebook set themselves the ambitious goal of conveying to readers the richness and variety of performances in and around the London theatres over the long eighteenth century. While the book delivers a unique yet representative sample of plays, pantomimes, and cultural performances that informed and responded to the stage, we find ourselves with an embarrassment of riches that fall into the several categories of materials that we therefore include in this online supplement:

  • further visual and print materials about particular stage productions;
  • visual and print materials about cultural contexts that informed specific theatrical performances.

The supplement offers materials that will enrich and enliven the reader’s experience with the plays and contextual materials in the book. We invite users of this site to create their own thematic and historical pathways through these materials in tandem with the book. Changes in the formation of gendered and class-based identities, discourses on British imperialism, and debates over the moral function of the theatre in British society thread through a wide swath of plays and commentaries on the theatre that stretch across book and online supplement. While no book and no website can be exhaustive in its comprehension of this period’s performative richness and complexity, we hope we have provided the raw materials for users to re-create and perform a whole new repertoire of stories about eighteenth-century theatrical performance.

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