This website is designed to companion the book Sport Business Management: Decision Making Around the Globe, written by three leading business professors from around the world: George Foster (Stanford University, USA), Norm O’Reilly (Ohio University, USA), and Tony Davila (IESE, Spain). Foster, an Australian, and O’Reilly, a Canadian, cover, between them, one of the world’s leading business schools and the globally recognized top program in sport management. Based on the authors’ goals for the book, it is international in focus, grounded in the real-life decisions facing sport managers, and is illustrated and supported by many cases, exercises, examples and data analyses. 

The “Stanford Perspective” on decisions, global, and real-world application is a strong theme throughout the book and stems from the rofessor’s experiences, as Davila (former professor) and O’Reilly (past visiting professor) have both also spent extended time at the institution where Foster had led and built a strong emphasis  on the business of sports. Carlos Shimizu, a researcher at Stanford, and Kevin Hurd, in a similar role at Ohio University, also made significant contributions to the book.   

This companion website for Sport Business Management has a variety of resources intended for instructors and students.  The following materials can be found here or on the internal site at Stanford University, to which this site links.  The companion materials include:

  • Case and Assignment Book. A detailed book of short cases, assignments, and exercises organized by chapter with at least 2 assignments/exercises per chapter. The content will range from introductory exercises (for undergraduate students early in their programs) to complicated, data-rich short cases targeting senior undergraduates and graduate students.
  • Test Bank & Exam Questions.
  • Chapter PowerPoints. These slides are basic in design and heavy in content. They are provided as a basis for instructors to use on their own or to add content/examples/style to.
  • Financial Statement Analysis in the Sporting Industry. Across the various chapters and support materials, the authors have built many documents of financial information. These are shared – for instructors only – to help inform teaching if a financial approach to instructing a chapter (or chapters) is sought. 
  • A link to 22 videos of expert speakers organized by chapter topics and housed on an internal Stanford website.  These videos are intended to supplement your presentation of the material and should not be used except with the book.  Instructors can use them as student preparation material, asking students to view the videos prior to coming to class.
  • A guidebook and link to other case studies prepared by the authors.  Cases published in the Harvard/Stanford systems or in published journals (such as the Case Studies in Sport Management Journal) will be linked to and described. A series of cases for use with the book only will also be shared and linked to on the Stanford website.


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