Welcome to the companion website for Early Medieval Europe 300–1050: A Guide for Studying and Teaching, 2nd edition

Ideal for classroom use and as a companion to independent study, this website includes:

Resources for lecturers

  • Suggestions for how best to organise teaching.
  • Detailed information and sample templates that can be used to get the most out of seminars.

Resources for students

  • Revision projects and sample exam questions centred on key themes and issues in early medieval Europe.
  • Tips for learning and study, including the aims of studying early medieval Europe and the practicalities of study and research.

Reference aids

  • A list of reference works for general use, different regions and periods, different religions, and more.
  • An extensive glossary of terms and a who’s who of medieval Europe.
  • A timeline of key events of the period.


  • Direct access to a wide selection of written sources.
  • Images of and commentary on a range of non-written sources.

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