Welcome to the companion website for Stage Management Basics. Stage managers have so many different responsibilities and duties, but one constant in the life of a stage manager is paperwork! Paperwork is an expression of each individual stage manager’s style; it will evolve as the stage manager evolves, as the production requires, and as different experiences and new challenges are presented. The content on this website is intended to be an example and a starting point for you to create, grow and evolve your own style. Each of the authors has had many different experiences, and has specific proclivities for formattingour productions, companies, and institutions have varied so there are, at times, multiple examples of a single type of form. One, all, or none of them may work for you. You may be able to take all of the examples and create your own custom paperwork tailored to your needs.

We encourage you to browse through all sections of this site. All of the appendices that are in the book, as well as the suggested readings and online resources, can be found on here. Additionally, some other examples that did not fit in the book are available.

Suggested Readings

As a theatrical practitioner, you should never stop growing or learning. There are many different books available with information on all the various aspects of theatre; we have created a list of readings that we feel is a good starting point to build your knowledge base. As a stage manager, it is important to have a fundamental understanding of all areas (costumes, scenery, lighting, sound, projection, acting, directing, etc.). Having this knowledge will give you a leg up when it comes to wrangling directors, actors, and designers, as well as making you an even more knowledgeable and invaluable part of the team, able to lend insights and suggestions when and where appropriate.

Blank forms

On this page you will find various versions and formats of commonly used forms. Please feel free to use these forms “as-is” or as a starting point to create your own unique form and paperwork style. We have tried to include many different types and formats so you have your choice of program and style. Remember, a stage manager’s paperwork style tells people much about them as a stage manager, and as a person.


The appendices in the book can all be found here as digital versions for you to peruse and examine. Additionally, we have added some information not found in the printed book.