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Links to Additional Resources

The following links are presented as recommendations for further reading. All of the information on these websites is the responsibility of the administrators and may change over time. If you find any broken links or websites with inaccurate information, please let us know.

Handbook for Acoustic Ecology
Edited by Barry Truax. Extensive site organised around themes of Vibration, Magnitude, Sound–Medium Interface, Sound–Environment Propagation and Sound–Sound Interaction. Includes many sound examples.

Studio for Electro-Instrumental Music (STEIM)

Website for this influential Dutch centre for research and development of instruments and tools. Includes many products.


Probably the leading international magazine for the music technology industry.

The Sound Exchange

Interesting example of how an orchestra, in this case the Philharmonia, can connect with the digital world.

This is a live coding wiki, begun in 2004, which contains many useful resources.

Audio-Technica: A Brief Guide to Microphones
A useful guide to microphones, their types, patterns and characteristics.

Bores Signal Processing: Introduction to DSP
A useful set of free online classes in the basics of digital signal processing.

Ultimate Spatial Audio Index
A resource for spatial audio as it relates to the Internet, multimedia and virtual reality.

Wavelet Tutorial

An introduction to fundamental concepts of the theory of wavelets, by Robi Polikar.

A survey of networked music by Golo Foellmer, inlcuding many links to project examples.

The major online home for net art, including extensive archives of performance work and new work at the frontier of new radio and performing arts.

Historical site containing vast archives of seminal recordings from some of the most important experimental and modernists artists.

Stelarc's official website. Warning: contains some images of body modifications.


A Java-based server that allows people to jam together across the web.

An online exhibition space for audiovisual compositions.

Lexikon-Sonate (Karlheinz Essl)
An endlessly varying algorithmic piano composition by Karlheinz Essl, begun in 1992. Site includes the sonata itself and an extensive account of its evolution and creation.

The Just Intonation Network
Everything you ever needed to know about tuning systems.

Java synthesis applet.

Anarchic Harmony Foundation
Includes information about John Cage's use of an I Ching computer program.

An account of Sarah Angliss' research into infrasonics, including experiments in which concerts were 'laced' with inaudible sounds.

Silophone is a project by [The User] which combines sound, architecture and communication technologies to transform a significant landmark in the industrial cityscape of Montréal.

Spatial Hearing Mechanisms and Sound Reproduction
A primer on Ambisonics. Copyright D.G. Malham, University of York, England, 1998.

Rheed Ghazala's circuit-bending site.

Activated Space
Garth Paine's Sound Installation works.

A few moments from VJ Übergeek's performance legacy
Includes 'The Thingee', a dance mat interface for live coding.

Pawfal (Poor artists working for a living)
Very lo-fi wiki dedicated to computer art, music and software.

Autarkeia Aggregatum
Bret Battey's audiovision piece. Should be experienced full-screen and was created in HD video 720p (1280 x 720). Quicktime Pro 7 playback is usually adequate.

Sound and Music: Artists' Toolkit
The Artists' Toolkit is a place where you can find information on how you can develop and support your career as an artist. Find tips on how to fund your project, how to promote yourself and ways of making a living, along with useful links to resources and contract and budget templates, stories from experienced professionals and step-by-step guides help you improve your career and become a fully self-sustaining artist.

Heavy Metal
Christine Southworth, composer in residence at the Boston Museum of Science, and Ensemble Robot perform a work for gamelan and robot.

Artsonores - l'aventure électroacoustique
Extensive collection of electroacoustic materials, including timelines, songograms, clips, etc. In French.

Introductory Notes to the Semiotics of Music
Philip Tagg's essay from 1999, available as a free pdf download.

The website for plunderphonics.

The Glenn Gould Archive
This site was developed by Library and Archives Canada, which is the official repository for the archives of the late concert pianist, Glenn Gould. A supremely gifted artist and Canada's most renowned classical musician of the twentieth century, Gould was a recording artist, radio and television broadcaster and producer, writer and an outspoken apologist for the electronic media.

Moral Rights
S. Faulder's essay on this aspect of copyright law.