Web Links

All links provided below were active on website launch. However, due to the dynamic nature of the Internet, links do occasionally become inactive. If you find a link that has become inactive, please try using a search engine to locate the website in question.

General Information About Economic Growth

The World Bank
A wealth of information on the developing world. Look in particular at the links for "data and statistics," "research," and "topics in development."
The World Bank
The World Bank's annual World Development Report, which is full of data and analysis, is available online.
United Nations Development Programme
Information about and analyses of developing countries with an emphasis on poverty, health, the environment, and governance. You can also download their annual Human Development Report.
Resources for Economists on the Internet
Maintained by Bill Goffe, this site has links to numerous data sources, online encyclopedias and glossaries, directories of economists, and so on.
The CIA World Fact Book
A great source for information on geography, political structure, economy, resources, and so on. It also has useful political histories for most countries.
Jameel Poverty Action Lab
A network of economists around the world who are united by their use of Randomized Evaluations (REs) to answer questions critical to poverty alleviation.