Welcome to the Companion Website (Plataforma Digital) of the book Mundos en palabras: Learning Advanced Spanish through Translation.

Mundos en palabras offers advanced students of Spanish a challenging yet practical course in translation from English into Spanish. It provides students with a well-structured, step-by-step guide to Spanish translation which will enhance and refine their language skills while introducing them to some of the key concepts and debates in translation theory and practice.

Each chapter presents a rich variety of practical tasks, supported by concise, focused discussion of key points relating to a particular translation issue or text type. Shorter targeted activities are combined with lengthier translation practice. Throughout the book and this companion website, learners will find a wealth of material from a range of genres and text types, including literary, expository, persuasive and audiovisual texts.

Suitable both for classroom use and self-study, Mundos en palabras is ideal for advanced undergraduate students of Spanish, and for any advanced learners wishing to acquire translation competence while enhancing their linguistic skills.

In this Companion Website (Plataforma Digital) you will find the following:

Clave / Answer Key   Guía didáctica / Teachers' Notes  
  1. Clave / Answer key: suggested answers to the activities featured in the book
  2. Guía didáctica / Teachers’ Notes: suggestions for teachers                    
  3. Actividades / Activities: activities section organized by chapters and including:
    1. Actividades del libro (web-based activities that complement some chapters of the book)
    2. Actividades de extensión (additional activities for further practice)
    3. Clave de las actividades de extensión (answer key to the additional activities)
    4. Hojas de trabajo, tablas y materiales descargables (worksheets, tables and downloadable material for relevant chapters)
  4. Recursos / Resources: useful weblinks
  5. Comentarios / Feedback: feedback section where you can tell us about your experience of teaching or learning with Mundos en palabras

Muchas gracias y esperamos que disfruten y aprendan traduciendo.