Modern Post


“This is an amazing book.  It purports to be about postproduction but in actuality it is a primer for anyone who wants to understand the history and whys and wherefores of filmmaking and is a terrific good read as well."

-Herb Dow, A.C.E.

Modern Post provides a simple and clear guide to understanding workflows. Finally there is a one definitive source on digital filmmaking that is comprehensive and accessible with relevant and fascinating interviews and case studies.  Working professionals should read this book if they want to stay in the game as well as those just starting their journeys.”

-Terra Abroms, Manager, Sony Digital Arts Center and Postproduction Supervisor, American Film Institute   

"The best way to learn about filmmaking is to take an editing class.  And the best way to learn about editing is to read Scott Arundale and Tashi Trieu's outstanding book.  Modern Post is the new gold standard for comprehensive textbooks on postproduction in the digital age."

- Ross Brown, Associate Professor of Film and Media Arts, Dodge College at Chapman University and author of Create Your Own TV Series for the Internet