Welcome to the companion website for Language, Society and Power, Fifth Edition.

On this website, you will find resources for you to explore in more detail some of the topics and issues covered in the book. Most of this material is taken from the World Wide Web. The Web is an excellent resource for exploring how people use language to express their own identity, what people think about others’ use of language and how power is intertwined with these issues.

We hope that these materials will deepen your critical understanding of the topics covered. In many cases, we have provided questions for you to think about as you look at the material, but we hope that you will bring together the other skills you have developed to ask new questions and to find your own examples.

About the Authors

Annabelle Mooney

Annabelle Mooney is Professor of Language and Society at the University of Roehampton, UK.

Betsy Evans

Betsy Evans is Associate Professor of Linguistics at the University of Washington, USA.