Latin America Since Independence

Second Edition

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    Chapter 1 - Independence Narratives, Past and Present


    Alexander Von Humboldt: Problems and Progress in Mexico, c. 1800

    Link to Alexander Von Humboldt Digital Library

    Biblioteca Virtual de Simón Bolivar (Writings in Spanish and English)

    Address at the Congress de Angustura (Spanish version) (English version)

    Bolivar's Manifiesto de Cartagena (in Spanish)

    Plan de Iguala


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      Chapter 2 - Caudillos versus the Nation State


      The Treaty of Guadaloupe Hidalgo, 2 Feb 1848

      El Gaucho Martín Fierro by José Hernández (in Spanish)

      Excerpts from Martín Fierro, 1872, 1879

      Establishing Borders: The Expansion of the United States, 1846–48


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        Chapter 3 - Race and Citizenship in the New Republics


        Pope Leo XIII: Encyclical In Plurimus (On the Abolition of Slavery in Brazil), 1888.

        Pierre Denis: The Coffee Fazenda of Brazil, excerpts. 1911

        UNESCO website on the history of Slavery

        History of Slavery


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          Chapter 4 - The Export Boom as Modernity


          Relics & Selves: Iconographies of the National in Argentina, Brazil, and Chile, 1880–1890 (photos)

          Creelman interview in Spanish

          Emiliano Zapata, documents online (in Spanish)

          Francisco Madero: The Plan of San Luis Potosi, November 20, 1910 See also

          Andres Molina Enriques: Los grandes problemas nacionales (in Spanish)

          Images of the Paseo de la Reforma, 1860s–2004 (photos)


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            Chapter 5 - Signs of Crisis in a Gilded Age


            La Construccion Social de America Latina: Fragmentos de un imaginaria regional, 1850–1920 (photos) http://www.catedras.fsoc.

             The Mexican Revolution

            Postcards of the Mexican Revolution

            Excerpt from Barbarous Mexico (John Kenneth Turner)

            Fotografias y grabados de Emiliano Zapata

            The Mexican Revolution: Conflict in Matamoros

            Mexico: Constitución de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, 31 de enero de 1917

            José Enrique Rodó, Ariel (in Spanish)

            Mariategui Internet archive

            Chapter 6 - Commerce, Coercion, and America's Empire


            Spanish–American War

            The World of 1898: The Spanish–American War (Library of Congress)

            Convention Between the US and Panama (Panama Canal), 1903 (By which the US acquired Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines)

            Treaty of Peace Between the United States and Spain, 1898 (By which the US acquired Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines)

            The Platt Amendment, 1901

            US Intervention in Nicaragua, 1912 (photos)

            Richard Slatta: Documents of US Policy in Latin America

            The United States and Latin America


            Journey to Bananaland:

            Silent War:

            Chapter 7 - Power to the People


            Eva Duarte de Perón (History of Peronism, excerpts, 1951)

            Juan Domingo Perón: Justicialism

            Evita Perón Historical Research Foundation

            Casa Historia on Juan and Eva Peron


            Juan Domingo Perón: Justicialism, 1948/1950


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                    Chapter 8 - A Decade of Revolution in Cuba


                    Fidel Castro: Second Declaration of Havana, 1962

                    Che Guevara Internet Archive

                    Fidel Castro Internet Archive

                    Fidel Castro "History Will Absolve Me,", 1953

                    Cuban History Archive

                    Castro Speech Database (LANIC)

                    Cuban Poster Art


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                        Chapter 9 - The Terror


                        Salvador Allende Archive

                        President John F. Kennedy: On the Alliance for Progress, 1961

                        Inter-American Committee: Problems of Latin American Economies, 1965

                        The Vanished Gallery

                        Covert Action in Chile, 1963–1973. Staff Report of the Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, United States Senate, 94th Congress, 1st Session

                        Peru Truth and Reconciliation Commission

                        Fujimori on Trial

                        Web page centered on the MRTA (in Spanish)

                        Rettig Commission

                        Argentina National Commission on the Disappeared


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                                  Chapter 10 - Speaking Truth to Power


                                  Rigoberta Menchú Tum: Interview: Five Hundred Years of Sacrifice Before Alien Gods, 1992

                                  Peasant Social Worlds and Their Transformation, University of Manchester (UK)

                                  The Mapuche Nation

                                  Liberation Theology: A Chronology

                                  Madres de la Plaza de Mayo

                                  Los Pueblos Indígenas de Mexico

                                  CONAIE English:

                                  CONAIE Spanish:

                                  EZLN (Spanish)

                                  EZLN (English)

                                  EZLN Communiques (in English)


                                  Amnesty International

                                  Human Rights Watch

                                  Derechos Humanos en America Latina, Eqiupo Nizkor

                                  Human Rights in Latin America, LANIC

                                  Instituto Interamericano de Derechos Humanos

                                  Servicio Paz y Justicia (SERPAJ), Uruguay

                                  Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, Argentina Spanish:

                                  Abuelas de la Plaza de Mayo, Argentina English:

                                  H.I.J.O.S., Argentina

                                  The MIR (Chile), Spanish

                                  Washington Office on Latin America (WOLA)

                                  History of International Migration

                                  Migration Information Source

                                  Border History


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                                          (WARNING: Video 10.3 is a disturbing video, in which we see the deaths of 17 peasants at the hands of the police)

                                                Chapter 11 - Towards an Uncertain Future


                                                Mining Watch

                                                McGill Research Group Investigating Canadian Mining in Latin America

                                                Latin America: Mining in Conflict, an Interactive Map

                                                Chevron's version of the Ecuador Lawsuit

                                                The Plaintiffs in the Chevron Case in Ecuador

                                                Web page dedicated to the history of oil in Mexico (in Spanish)

                                                Pro-government Venezuelan site

                                                Bolivia Blogs


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