Welcome! This is the companion website for Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason. In Critical Thinking, Peg Tittle empowers students with a solid grounding in the lifelong skills of considered analysis and argumentation — skills that should underpin every student's education.

What You Will Find on this Website

Instructors and lecturers:

An Instructor's Manual, PowerPoint presentation slides, testbank questions, and Answers, Explanations, and Analyses for all even numbered exercises within the book.


Chapter overviews and objectives, in print and downloadable MP3s so students can study on the go, a glossary containing the Review of terms for each chapter, flashcards for students to quiz themselves, Thinking Critically About What You Hear exercises, Answers, Explanations and Analyses for all odd numbered exercises in the book, and three supplemental chapters, not found in the book: Categorical Logic, Propositional Logic, and Thinking Critically About Ethics.

What instructors are saying about Critical Thinking:

Critical Thinking: An Appeal to Reason is the ideal book for any class, philosophy and otherwise, in which evaluating arguments is central. Few texts are as thorough, and none are as accessible, clear, and pleasurable. Critical Thinking is chock-full of examples of arguments and fallacies from Tittle's fecund imagination, as well as an astonishing breadth of sources from classic to contemporary – enough to capture any student's attention. Add to this some wonderfully lucid diagrams, and you have a book that is unmatched by any in its field.”

Ron Cooper, Professor of Philosophy, College of Central Florida

Critical Thinking is appealing because it is carefully and clearly written, presents concrete and contemporary examples, and is well-organized to capture the heuristic that guides students in learning to think critically. In addition, the template for the critical analysis of arguments (introduced in Chapter 1 and helpfully repeated in each chapter) is clear and effective.”

Lauren Weis, Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Religion, American University