Web links

These links are aimed at providing further practice and access to a wide range of cultural information about Italy.

Reading listening and viewing


News and sport online

Private mediaset stations

General topics

  • Enciclopedia Treccani – advanced (enormous range of topics, including lingua italiana. Worth browsing carefully. Also has web TV.)
  • Focus (magazine for general readers: ‘Su Focus.it trovi tante notizie, curiosità e news su scienza, natura, mondo animale e sesso; scopri tutte le ultime novità su storia, tecnologia e salute.’)  

Culture and history

TV and radio

  • RAI (this important site enables you to access live all RAI TV and radio programmes – Radio 1, 2, 3 and 4 – and to create podcasts, for example: Radio 3 Fahrenheit)
  • Wikiradio
  • Giornale Radio RAI (for direct access to RAI radio stations)
  • Radio 24 (wide range of interesting programmes that you can hear live and as podcasts)
  • Radio Italia (mainly music)
  • Tunein.com (lists the Italian radio stations streaming live on the internet)

Social media and YouTube

Italian language

Italian language academy

Bilingual dictionaries

Monolingual Dictionaries

Vocabulary building

General search engines

Academic organisations and periodicals

United Kingdom

North America and Canada


South Africa

Italian institutes and other cultural organisations


UK and the Republic of Ireland

North America

  • Italy in the US (lists the Italian embassy, cultural institutes and other Italian government agencies)



South Africa