Chapter 8: Religious Oppression

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This short video lists 33 Christian privileges. The material is presented in a conversational manner.
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At this site, eight videos are available on different communities that stood up against hate. Many of the videos relate to hate crimes and interfaith movements when specific houses of worship were targeted. Videos addressing other forms of hate are also available.
America’s Interfaith Infrastructure: A Pilot Study
A pilot study from the Pluralism Project that examines interfaith efforts in 20 cities across the U.S. The website provides case studies, multimedia presentations, and fact sheets on the communities examined.
Pluralism Project
A site that documents religious diversity in the U.S. and provides snapshots on different faiths, present and growing, in the U.S.
Learning about Atheism and Agnosticism
A resource that provides a variety of voices and perspectives on atheists and agnostics in the U.S. 
Religion in Public Schools
Many up-to-date resources on a host of issues related to religious liberty and public schools.
Religion and Intersectionality
This site provides thought-provoking articles on a range of issues that intersect with religion, including gender, sexuality, politics, law, popular culture, and science. 
Understanding the Lived Religion and the Diversity of Faith (across religions)
A website that provides short analytical essays on different facets of all religions, allowing the reader to have a complex understanding of different issues within religions. 
Not in Our Town
Information and tools for educators and activists for standing up against hate.