Welcome / ahlan wa sahlan / أهلا وسهلا

Welcome to the companion website for Arabiyyat al-Naas fii Masr by
Munther Younes, Makda G. Weatherspoon, Jonathan Featherstone and Elizabeth Huntley

Arabiyyat al-Naas fii Masr is a ground breaking course for learners who intend to use Arabic by introducing them simultaneously to Egyptian Arabic, the most widely understood dialect in the Arab world, and Modern Standard Arabic which is used in formal discourse such as newspapers, novels, official documents and online news websites.

The course has 19 thematic units focusing on developing the learners’ daily needs in terms of functioning in Arabic.

Key features:

  • Topical themes which enable the learner to carry out a wide range of tasks in the Arab World or anywhere where Arabic is utilised, such as shopping, travelling using different forms of transport, handling social etiquette in a variety of authentic situations and to talk about a range of topics, such as sports, food customs and traditions.
  • Authentic reading materials and live videos to incorporate understandings of the norms and expectations of life in the Middle East and also prepare learners for a quick transition from classroom to targeted scenarios.
  • A large number of grammar drills and exercises in both Spoken and Written Arabic designed to enhance the student’s ability to learn Arabic accurately, but at the same time using authentic and appropriate language actually used in real life situations.

This course is a key resource for learners of Arabic at an ACTFL Beginner-Intermediate level, or CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) A1 to B1 level in terms of language control, extensive and applicable vocabulary and expressions, communication strategies, as well as cultural awareness.

This companion website contains a wide range of language activities and self-correcting exercises for each unit, including listening exercises and authentic videos filmed in Cairo, which enhance both the cultural and linguistic material covered in the book. The answer keys are also available for download on the instructors’ hub.

Thank you for using Arabiyyat al-Naas fii Masr, we hope that you enjoy both the course and the website.

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