Music in the Human Experience: An Introduction to Music Psychology, Second Edition by Donald A. Hodges is geared toward music students yet incorporates other disciplines to provide an explanation for why and how we make sense of music and respond to it—cognitively, physically, and emotionally. All human societies in every corner of the globe engage in music. Taken collectively, these musical experiences are widely varied and hugely complex affairs. How did human beings come to be musical creatures? How and why do our bodies respond to music? Why do people have emotional responses to music? Music in the Human Experience seeks to understand and explain these phenomena at the core of what it means to be a human being.

On this companion website, you will find:

  • Media Tutorials. Created by David Sebald, these Media Tutorials include 32 multimedia movies incorporating over 200 individual modules. Included are photographs, drawings, animations, sound files, and many interactive media files that illustrate key concepts of the text.
  • Quizzes. Brief, self-correcting quizzes are a quick way for students to make certain they have identified main points.
  • Flashcards, featuring glossary terms and other key concepts.
  • Supplemental reading lists, available for each chapter.
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