Welcome to the companion website for Practical English Phonetics and Phonology, 4th edition.

Here you’ll find a stimulating range of materials designed to supplement and enhance the scope of the text.

Features include:

  • keys to the activity exercises and transcriptions that are in the book;
  • a number of additional exercises (with keys) including a number of extra passages for transcription practice;
  • audio files containing recordings of many of the activities in the book.

This new website for the 4th edition of Practical English Phonetics and Phonology has been carefully structured for ease of access. The focus on practical applications will not only increase your understanding of the techniques needed for a study of phonetics and phonology, but also show how this knowledge can be applied in all sorts of ways to the study of language. Students and lecturers alike will find it a most useful additional resource.  We hope that that you’ll enjoy using the website.