This is the companion website for Thought and Knowledge: An Introduction to Critical Thinking 6th edition. Written by two award-winning educators, Diane Halpern and Dana Dunn, this thoroughly revised edition applies theory and research from the learning sciences to teach students the thinking skills they need to succeed in today’s world. A rigorous academic grounding based in cognitive psychology helps students meet the challenges of a global neighborhood and make meaningful conclusions from the overwhelming quantity of information now available at the click of a mouse.

The skills learned with this text will help students learn more efficiently, research more productively, and present logical, informed arguments.

What You Will Find on this Website

Instructors and lecturers:

  • Basic PowerPoint slides, incorporating lecture-friendly text and figures
  • Enhanced PowerPoint slides with additional information not found in the text
  • Multiple-choice and short-answer test questions (with suggested answers)
  • In-class exercises and demonstrations
  • Active learning exercises with possible student answers (The exercises without answers appear on the student website.)
  • Crossword puzzles with solutions (Puzzles without solutions appear on student website.)
  • Review of critical thinking skills


  • Active learning exercises to help you apply critical thinking skills in your everyday lives
  • Crossword puzzles to help you learn the definitions of key concepts
  • True–false quizzes to test your knowledge before your start reading each chapter
  • Thoughtful questions for reflection and analysis
  • Flashcards for further review and study
  • A review of techniques on how to ‘Learn the Smart Way by Applying the Science of Learning’