Welcome to the companion website accompanying In Other Words by Mona Baker!

In Other Words has been the definitive coursebook for students studying translation for nearly three decades. Assuming no knowledge of foreign languages, it offers a practical guide based on extensive research in areas as varied as lexis, grammar, pragmatics, semiotics, and ethics. It thus provides a solid basis for training a new generation of well informed, critical students of translation.

The third edition has been fully revised to reflect recent developments in the field and includes a new chapter that engages with the interplay between verbal and visual elements in genres as varied as children’s literature, comics, film, poetry, and advertisements.

What you will find on this website:

  • Additional end of chapter exercises, with a wider range of example answers in more languages, including Chinese and Korean.
  • New videos, audio lectures and sample chapters.
  • An updated list of weblinks to industry bodies, training resources and translation blogs and forms.
  • A full online glossary and flashcard test.
  • A catalogue of related titles.
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