Persuasion in Your Life, 2nd Edition speaks directly to the student by focusing on real-life experiences, from critically viewing persuasive public campaigns to making business and health care decisions. This new edition concludes with a new chapter on the assessment of persuasive messages. It also features new chapter-opening vignettes that immediately apply concepts to daily life, as well as “What You’ve Learned” reviews for comprehension. Students and instructors can use the wealth of online resources that accompany this text, including an instructor manual, PowerPoint slides, test questions, and more. Through its use of rhetoric, criticism, and social scientific research, this book helps readers understand, analyze, and use persuasion in their life and career.

New to this Edition:

  • The text includes a new chapter focused on the appraisal of persuasive messages. This chapter supports writing assignments that focus on rhetorical analysis or analysis of persuasive messages.
  • Chapter-opening vignettes introduce each chapter with a contemporary example drawn from the real world.
  • All chapters also include a new feature called What You’ve Learned, designed to promote reading comprehension and serve as a guide to help connect chapter concepts to learning objectives.
  • Revised and updated Persuasion Research Snapshots appear across chapters, encouraging students to further explore peer reviewed journal articles related to chapter content.
  • All chapters include new Review questions designed to help students practice for exams.
  • There is an updated photo program throughout every chapter.
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