Welcome to the companion website for the sixth edition of The Pursuit of History by John Tosh. This classic and engaging introduction to the theory and practice of history has been revised and updated with key new material for the new edition, and this companion website provides valuable supporting material to extend and enhance the book’s comprehensive coverage of the study of history.

What you will find on this website:

  • Chapter-by-chapter resources for students, including questions for discussion, features that take a more in-depth look at topics from the book, links to primary sources and suggestions for further reading.
  • Biographies of the historians referenced in the book.
  • A gallery containing images from the book, as well as additional images to further illustrate the material.
  • Tips for students on how to ‘do’ history – how to cite sources, how to approach a historical essay and how to undertake archival or internet research.
  • A link to the Routledge History Arena, Routledge’s main website for this subject area, where you can find more information about our books, journals and electronic publishing.