Section One

Legal Orderings of Cultural Property

Chapter 2 - Heritage vs. Property: Contrasting Regimes and Rationalities in the Patrimonial Field

Valdimar Tr. Hafstein and Martin Skrydstrup

Chapter 3 - The Criminalisation of the Illicit Trade in Cultural Property

Ana Filipa Vrdoljak

Chapter 4 - Implementation of the 1970 UNESCO Convention by the United States and Other Market Nations

Patty Gerstenblith

Chapter 5 - Protection not Prevention: The Failure of Public Policy to Prevent the Looting and Illegal Trade of Cultural Property from the Mena Region (1990-2015)

Neil Brodie

Chapter 6 - A Paradox of Cultural Property: NAGPRA and (Dis)Possession

Susan Benton

Section Two

Museums, Archives and Communities

Chapter 7 - NAGPRA, CUI and Institutional Will

Rae Gould

Chapter 8 - Betting on the Raven: Ethical Relationality and Nuxalk Cultural Property

Jennifer Kramer

Chapter 9 - Whose Story is This? Complexities and Complicities of Using Archival Footage

Fred Myers

Chapter 10 - The Archive of the Archive: the Secret History of the Laura Boulton Collection

Aaron Fox

Chapter 11 - Touching the Intangible: Reconsidering Material Culture in the Realm of Indigenous Cultural Property Research

George Nicholas

Section Three

Local Histories

Chapter 12 - On the Nature of Patrimonio: Cultural Property in Mexican Contexts

Sandra Rozental

Chapter 13 - Making and Unmaking Heritage Value in China

Shu Li Wang and Michael Rowlands

Chapter 14 - Object Movement: UNESCO, Language and the Exchange of Middle Eastern Artifacts

Morag Kersel

Chapter 15 - Cultures of Property: Ghanaian Culture in Intellectual and Cultural Property

Boatema Boateng

Section Four

Cultural Property Beyond the State

Chapter 16 - Culture as a Flexible Concept for the Legitimation of Policies in the European Union

Stefan Groth and Regina Bendix

Chapter 17 - The Bible as Cultural Property? A Cautionary Tale

Neil Asher Silberman

Chapter 18 - Being pre-Indigenous: Kin, Accountability and Cultural Property Beyond Tradition

Paul Tapsell

Chapter 19 - Frontiers of Cultural Property in the Global South

Rosemary Coombe

Section Five

New and Experimental Forms of Cultural Property

Chapter 20 - Who Owns Yoga? Transforming Traditions as Cultural Property

Sita Reddy

Chapter 21 - Bones, Documents and DNA: Cultural Property at the Margins of the Law

Lee Douglas

Chapter 22 - Collaborative Encounters in Digital Cultural Property: Tracing Temporal Relationships of Context and Locality

Jane Anderson and Maria Montenegro

Chapter 23 - Animating Language: Continuing Inter-Generational Indigenous Language Knowledge

Shannon Faulkhead, John Bradley and Brent McKee

Chapter 24 - Ancestors for Sale in Aotearoa New Zealand

Marama Muru Lanning